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Helping Hands Daycare LLC is a safe, clean and caring childcare solution for parents in Milwaukee.
Welcome to Helping Hands Daycare!
Helping Hands is a high quality daycare concept that works to provide 24 hour daycare solutions for parents and their children. We offer programs for infants (3-12mo), toddlers (12-24mo), twos (24-36mo) and preschool-aged children (3-5yrs).

We embrace the concept that children start developing and growing the minute they are born. Therefore we have a structured schedule and curriculum starting at 3 months of age to help children develop appropriately for their age and start preparing themselves for school success.
Convenience. Our unique structure supports working professionals and parents in need with 24 hour care. Whether you need a daycare for your child as you work or need safe, clean, nurturing care for your child overnight, Helping Hands has the hours to accommodate your schedule.

Stimulating Activities. All of our activities are designed to help your child reach milestones in physical, cognitive, social, emotional, and language development, as well as learn nutritious eating habits and understand health & safety.

Qualified Staff. Our caregivers are certified early childhood education teachers who also have successfully completed Helping Hands Daycare's rigorous training program on early childhood education, child development and care, and curriculum implementation. They are screened for experience, enthusiasm, and responsibility. Additionally, our centers follow standards in child-to-caregiver ratios to ensure each child is receiving the attention he or she needs to successfully develop and be ready for school success.

Parental Support. Through individualize e-mail updates and pictures, parents stay appraised of their child's development and special moments throughout their time at Helping Hands Daycare. Our quarterly newsletter and activities provide our families with important parenting and child development information as well as a community of other parents who are also building their careers.

Peace of Mind. Most importantly, Helping Hands gives you peace of mind to know that your child is safe, healthy and well taken care of so you can spend the workday focusing on your career or other activities.

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